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Data Explorer: Download Time Series Values In Bulk

Here, you can apply the Data Explorer to acquire time series data for multiple locations in a single operation. Due to the processing complexity required, NO MORE THAN 500 LOCATIONS may be submitted at a time, and the time period is limited to 6 months (daily values) or 15 years (monthly values). There are no time limits for annual or single month values.

The locations must be supplied in a CSV file similar to this one. The locations will be read and then displayed, along with the elevation of the PRISM grid cell containing each point. The CSV file must be formatted with one location per line, each specified with 2 (optionally 3) values:

  • latitude (decimal degrees)
  • longitude (decimal degrees)
  • (optional) user-supplied name, 12 characters or less

Time-series graphs are available only in the single-location version. See that page for a full explanation of the Explorer's features and options.

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Climate Variable
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