Methods of Downloading PRISM data

In addition to the direct data dowloads provided on this website, data can be downloaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Web Services.

Certain PRISM supporting datasets are also available here for downloading.

Bulk Download Information

Important Note Regarding Automated Data Downloads
PRISM bulk download systems (FTP, web services) facilitate automated fetching of PRISM datasets. It is important to note that preliminary data fetched in this manner do not account for the fact that we produce 8 versions of a daily grid (and 6 versions of a monthly grid), out to six months, at which point we call it "final." Much can change across these versions, as we receive more weather station data and subject the grids to more rigorous QC screening routines. We do provide, via web services, utilities for determining when a PRISM grid was last updated.

Here are resources to learn more about this: PRISM Data Update Schedule (PDF file) PRISM Update Calendar (web page)

  • FTP Access:  View FTP Documentation (.pdf)
    • Quick instructions:  Connect your FTP client software to (no username or password required)
    • Note that we also make our FTP server content viewable via web browsers at this link:

  • Web Services Access:  View Web Services Documentation (.pdf)
    • PRISM web services enable direct https requests (often via scripts written in Python or other languages) for PRISM grids.

Supporting Datasets
  • 4km Polygon Mesh:  GIS layer representing each PRISM 4km grid cell as a polygon.
    • 4km polygon mesh shapefile:  Download (15 MB .zip)

  • PRISM Digital Elevation Model (DEM):  These are the gridded elevation datasets used by the PRISM model at 4km and 800m resolutions.
    • 4km digitial elevation model grid (BIL format):  Download (835 KB .zip)
    • 800m digitial elevation model grid (BIL format):  Download (19 MB .zip)