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Daily Map Graphics Generator

Although the This Month website section allows you to view and download map graphics for any specific day of the current month, those map graphics are temporary and essentially "reset" at the beginning of the next month.

The Daily Map Graphics Generator allows you to generate up to 31 daily map graphics in a single request, from 01 January 1981 to present. The graphics are created on-the-fly from the most recently-processed PRISM daily data (i.e., the graphics are not pre-generated). You also have the option of creating an amination of your selected daily graphics (mp4, 1 frame/sec).

Please note that data from the past six months are considered either "early" or "provisional," so any graphics generated for the past six months may change slightly as the underlying PRISM data become more stable. See the PRISM Datasets document for more information.

Download size: approx. 8-10 MB per zip file containing 31 images
Climate variable: precipitation mean temperature minimum temperature maximum temperature
  mean dew point temperature minimum vapor pressure deficit maximum vapor pressure deficit
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Select custom date range (maximum of 31 days)
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