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Pacific Islands

Average monthly precipitation, minimum and maximum temperature, relative humidity, and mean dew point temperature for the period 1971-2000 (completed 2006). Covers Hawaii, Kosrae, Manua, Pohnpei, Tutuila, Guam, CNMI, and Palau. Project sponsored by USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Data may be downloaded as graphics or data grids; the corresponding metadata is available separately. Within each category, the data files for each island group are organized into five folders (standard PRISM formats and filenames are used):

  • dem (digital elevation map)
  • ppt (precipitation)
  • tdmean (dew point)
  • tmax (maximum temperature)
  • tmin (minimum temperature)

We suggest reviewing the metadata first to make sure you understand what you are downloading. Like all PRISM data, these files are subject to the PRISM Data Terms of Use.