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PRISM Gridded Climate Data – Terms of Use

All data and other information available on the prism.oregonstate.edu website are subject to the conditions stated below.

Map Graphics. Map graphics may be freely reproduced and distributed, as long as the PRISM Climate Group copyright notice, URL, and the date of map creation are reproduced in full. This applies when the image is reproduced in any form, whether electronically or in hard copy. If an image does not already include that notice, it must be added as follows:

Copyright ©<year>, PRISM Climate Group, Oregon State University, https://prism.oregonstate.edu
Map created <date>.

Data. All data (gridded, polygon, tabular, graphical) retrieved from this website or otherwise provided on the website may be freely reproduced and distributed for non-commercial purposes. It is requested that commercial use of data be registered by contacting prism-questions@nacse.org.

References to the Data. When the data are used, any description should clearly and prominently state, at a minimum, our name, URL, and the dates of data creation and access. For example:

PRISM Climate Group, Oregon State University, https://prism.oregonstate.edu, data created 4 Feb 2014, accessed 16 Dec 2020.

Copyright and Ownership. All data and information presented through this website are protected by United States copyright laws and applicable international copyright treaties. The PRISM Climate Group, Oregon State University retains rights to ownership of the data and information.

Disclaimers. It is not recommended that PRISM data be used to calculate very long-term climate trends.

No Warranty. All content on this website is provided "as is," without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.