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Updates to PRISM Monthly Data since November 2021

Daily datasets are updated on a different schedule; choose tabular view or list format.

The listing shows when the data for each day was last modeled. Links are provided to the grid for each variable modeled. In parenthesis to the right of the date is the update count, which indicates how many updates have been made to each grid. Each monthly grid is updated six times before the seventh and final update is made (not shown on the calendar). Yellow highlighting indicates any days that were updated within the last 24 hours. Data available from this page is type "AN" (monthly). See PRISM datasets for more information.

Apr 20222022-05-02 ()
Mar 20222022-04-17 ()
Feb 20222022-04-17 ()
Jan 20222022-04-17 ()
Dec 20212022-01-02 (1)2022-01-03 (1)2022-01-03 (1)2022-04-17 (1)
Nov 20212021-12-17 (2)2021-12-17 (2)2021-12-17 (2)2022-04-17 (2)