Data Alert:  29 October 2019

New dataset version for all elements except precipitation

A new dataset version for tmin, tmax, tmean, tdmean, vpdmin and vpdmax was completed in October 2019. This affects the entire 1895-present monthly time series (now M3) and 1981-present daily time series (now D2). Improvements include:

  • Implemented adjustment for SNOTEL YSI Extended Range temperature measurements that were incorrectly transformed from voltage to temperature by NRCS
  • Applied an algorithm to day-shift COOP temperature observations that were reported on the wrong day
  • Added upper-air temperature and dew point grid point data to improve high-elevation accuracy
  • Improved PRISM’s ability to render unusual temperature inversions

Data for the previous version (M2/D1) have been relocated to the data_archives section of the PRISM FTP area.

The precipitation dataset version remains the same.

A detailed description of the PRISM datasets is available.